A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Hey there!

This is an (obviously) failed attempt to create something in COMPO mode for Ludum Dare #45.

This took me around 8 hours of doing something. The "other" 40 hours were spent elsewhere (T_T)

Anyway, you're this shiny thing. Blast Enemies, collect Bonuses, etc. Just kidding, there's nothing else to do.

Oh! There's no sounds or BGM. I didn't make it in time either T_T

Edit: added SFX

Install instructions

To run this thing you'll need LÖVE https://love2d.org/

Make sure to put the "nothing" file (test map) into the same folder as the *.love file, or it will crash

This thing runs smothly on Intel i5-4440 and NVidia GT1030.


Source 26 kB
test map 3 kB
T_T.love 5 kB
Everything in a ZIP 11 kB
T_T with SFX 33 kB