Version 1.05 is out!

Take control of nasty virus hordes!

You have some money to buy viruses and send them on a conquest to conquer somewhat tough system defenses.

Your goal is to make sure at least one virus reaches the right side of the level.

You do it - you go next level and earn some money (5*level_number).

You run out of money and viruses - you lose.

Every level CPU upgrades defenses adding more turrets and sometimes upgrading existing ones.

Every virus that has reached the goal earns you 1/2 of it's initial price.

Sometimes viruses go wild and shoot turrets away.

Destroy turrets to earn even more money (10*turret_tier).

Retro graphics + retro sound in a game about hacking - what else do you need to feel nostalgic? :)

Update: Made it possible to resize the game window. It will scale up on Android devices as well.

Update 2: Cosmetic change. The way bullets are drawn now depends on the power of each bullet: 1-circle, 2-lines, 3-square.

Update 3: A new game mode with friendly fire *on* introduced. In this new mode turrets can hurt turrets and viruses can hurt viruses. Player still gets money for every turret destroyed, but now viruses can hurt each other too! Also viruses became smarter and now aim with more precision than ever!

Update 4: Various bugfixes, visual tweaks and (finally!) Android apk!